Portside Fitness
October 3, 2022

Taylor's Success Story .1. Why did you join CrossFit Portside?I had been looking for something to hold me accountable after several other failed methods and after seeing several facebook ads I took the leap and signed up for an intro session. It's been the BEST decision I've ever made! 2. What's been your biggest accomplishment?Although I love seeing all my progress in the gym and on the scale this whole experience has been my biggest accomplishment! I've stuck to it and can see myself being a member at Portside forever! I feel so proud that I've stuck with it and really do look forward to workouts! 3. What are you working on now?Right now I'm in my last few weeks of the 90 day challenge so I'm focusing on getting every bit I can out of nutrition coaching before going it alone. 4. What's your favorite Crossfit Portside memory?I loved seeing everyone's surprised faces after realizing I was doing 55# thrusters - for my first time. It was a rough workout but I had no idea how heavy or light I should have gone. 5. What motivates you to continue training at Crossfit Portside?I love how encouraging everyone is! No matter how slow or scaled my workout is I've got a crowd cheering me on. It makes all the pain and sweat worth it! They really do become like family!

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