Don't Eat HEALTHY all the Time

Most of us never really seem to be happy with the way we look or feel.
Sara Carter
November 4, 2022
Don't Eat HEALTHY all the Time

Most of us, especially women, never really seem to be happy with the way we look or feel. We never do seem to quite get that confidence to comfortable place where we aren’t ignoring what we dislike and we really don’t have much to complain about aesthetics. We all go through cycles of wanting to look better or feel better, and within those cycles we are almost willing to try anything!! We put ourselves through crazy workouts, ridiculous eating habits (ever heard of the egg diet?), and sometimes mental torture. BUT WHY DO WE KEEP DOING THIS??

There are ways we can stay in decent shape and be satisfied with our eating habits and being happy with yourself can is something you learn along the way. This time, instead of starting a workout routine you kind of like, FIND ONE YOU LOVE!! Guess what, it may cost you more than other options, but you will LOVE it and it will be worth it because you would rather be there than spending money on other unhealthy habits. You will also be surrounded by a group of people who have the same love as you and most of them will help keep you accountable.

The next thing you can try this time is to NOT be 100% compliant to some crazy restrictive diet that doesn’t allow you to eat unless you feel your guts eating your backbone. Don’t try some ridiculous plan that says you can drink think miracle drink and you will achieve your goals. Avoid being told that Apple Cider Vinegar or eggs are the answer to your prayers. THERE IS NO EASY WAY!! It does not exist so save your money trying to do things that are a scam. Spend your time and money on something that you know is true and reasonable. Find someone who can keep you accountable. MOST of us know how to eat, most of us need accountability, most of us need someone to break it down for us. So, find that and do it!

Want to know more about what I mean by not eating healthy all the time? Be on the lookout for part 2....

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