Stop and Smell the Roses

Ever sit back at the end of a long day and ask yourself “What DID I do today?”
Sara Carter
November 4, 2022
Stop and Smell the Roses

Ever sit back at the end of a long day and ask yourself “What DID I do today?”

Most people spend their entire day rushing, multi-tasking, scrolling through social media, running errands, being a caregiver, trying to stay healthy, and much more. The days seem to run together, the memories seem distant, we lost sleep, and events have lost their value.

Why are we all so inept to do for others and forget ourselves?

The answer is demand. Jobs are more demanding, customers are more demanding, sports are more demanding, education is more demanding, life is more demanding. It is almost impossible to do everything we are supposed to  do every single day!

One question I always ask my nutrition clients is “If you run yourself into the ground, who will take care of everything you do?”

Most people respond “No one.”

So why continue to ignore your own health?

Here are a few things you can try to slow down and smell the roses:

1. Stress Relief

Find something  positive that helps you to relieve stress. I like to diffuse essential oils, take a long warm bath, or sit on the porch with NO electronic devices. You could try:

2. Eat at the table

Until recently, I ate all of my meal sitting at the coffee table in front of the TV hunched over my plate. This caused me digestion issues, cravings, and a lack of focus on levels of hunger.

3. Literally stop and smell the roses

We walk by beauty DAILY and take no recognition that it exists muchless show appreciation for it. So slow down and next time you see some beautiful roses (or flowers) and take a moment to close your eyes and breathe in nature’s perfume.

4. Enjoy your treat without social media

You finally decided to reward yourself with a treat (whether its food, a spa day, or a vacation), make a commitment to separate yourself from all social media. Is it really necessary to document everything?

5. Have a conversation and be present

Don’t think about the 1,000 things flowing from your mind and focus on the person across from you. Focus on the content of what they are telling you, look at their body language, make a connection. We are social beings who thrive on connections and interactions with others- so make the most of your conservations.

6. Enjoy meals don’t shovel them

This speaks for itself, but here are some tips you can try:

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