Sneaky Added Sugars

What are added sugars anyway? When a product is processed and sugars are added to them, we call these added sugars.
Sara Carter
November 3, 2022
Sneaky Added Sugars

What are added sugars anyway?

When a product is processed and sugars are added to them, we call these added sugars- this does not mean naturally occurring sugars.

Why do I call them sneaky?

There are two reasons: the first that there is currently no reference to the percent daily value for recommended amounts of sugar per day on nutrition labels, so if you don’t do you research and retain what you googled, then it’s easy to forget about. The second reason is because sugar has SO MANY NAMES!! How can someone possibly keep up?

So, let’s gain some information about these sneaky sugars. According to the American Heart Association here are some guidelines to stick to regarding limiting sugar intake:

Daily Added Sugar Limits

Women: 6 tsp. (25g)

Men: 9 tsp. (38g)

Children: 3-6 tsp. (12-25g)


Many items deemed healthy are full of sugar so be sure to always check the nutrition labels and ingredients lists. According to, some of the most common sources of sugar are:

But why are sugars so bad?

Well, current research suggests that sugar is not only highly addictive, but it also can be linked to various health ailments. In my opinion, most everything should be consumed in moderation. I don’t foresee people taking something completely out of their diet for the rest of their lives unless it is medically necessary- not saying it doesn’t happen it is just difficult to do in today’s society. The best thing you can do is be informed and stay informed.

Check out this list of sneaky sugars and start looking for them and the amount of sugars in the products you consume!

61 Names of Sugar

·       Agave Nectar                                  

·       Fruit juice concentrate

·       Glucose

·       Glucose solids

·       Golden sugar

·       Golden syrup

·       Grape sugar

·       HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup)

·       Honey

·       Icing sugar

·       Invert sugar

·       Malt syrup

·       Maltodextrin

·       Maltol

·       Maltose

·       Mannose

·       Maple syrup

·       Molasses

·       Muscovado

·       Palm sugar

·       Panocha

·       Powdered sugar

·       Raw sugar

·       Refiner's syrup

·       Rice syrup

·       Saccharose

·       Sorghum Syrup

·       Sucrose

·       Sugar (granulated)

·       Sweet Sorghum

·       Syrup

·       Treacle

·       Turbinado sugar

·       Yellow sugar

.       Barbados sugar

·       Barley malt

·       Barley malt syrup

·       Beet sugar

·       Brown sugar

·       Buttered syrup

·       Cane juice

·       Cane juice crystals

·       Cane sugar

·       Caramel

·       Carob syrup

·       Castor sugar

·       Coconut palm sugar

·       Coconut sugar

·       Confectioner's sugar

·       Corn sweetener

·       Corn syrup

·       Corn syrup solids

·       Date sugar

·       Dehydrated cane juice

·       Demerara sugar

·       Dextrin

·       Dextrose

·       Evaporated cane juice

·       Free-flowing brown sugars

·       Fruit juice


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