Small Steps

Why do we expect it to take less than a month to reverse years of bad habits? Here’s a generic rundown of how things can typically go.
Sara Carter
November 4, 2022
Small Steps

Recently we posted this infographic:

As you can see it didn’t take one bad day of eating to show a significant decline in health or appearance- so why do we expect it to take less than a month to reverse years of bad habits? Here’s a generic rundown of how things can typically go.

1. You realize you need to make a change in your nutrition

2. You do research and talk to friends or family to figure out how you want to achieve your goal and then you decide which route to take.

3. You decide to do________ and be strict with it, commit 100% to compliance.

4. You walk into the kitchen and throw everything away that could be labeled as a temptation.

5. You set out for the grocery store to re-vamp your fridge and pantry according to the new guidelines you set for yourself.

6. You are focused, you cook, plan, prepare, and possibly make some great progress.

Then it happens, at some point it just happens. Whether it be the result of stress, family, work, kids, scheduling, a party, a gathering, negativity, co-workers, friends, illness, vacation, finances, moving, or the holiday---something caused you to fall off the wagon and you can’t seem to get back on.   DON’T DO THAT THIS TIME!!

Learn to take a deep breath and say to yourself- this didn’t take one day to put on and it won’t take one day to get it off. Take a moment to learn what your biggest struggles are and then plan to make small steps to overcome them. For example, you want something sweet every night after dinner- before bed. Instead of cutting it out cold turkey- switch to something a bit healthier or eat smaller portions and keep changing portions or quality of the food until you can either cut it out completely or keep it is moderation.

Nobody should have to go through life not being able to have the things they enjoy EVER! So, don’t set yourself up for failure by cutting everything out in one day or going from 100% fast food diet to 100% clean eating and meal prepping. (That would be HARD) YOU must be realistic with yourself and your results.

Try some of these tricks to get you going:

· Slowly cut out sugary drinks

· Slowly increase your water consumption

· Think about the plate method as often as possible

· Decrease the amount of sugar you put in your coffee, etc.

· Make the switch to almond or coconut milk (or my favorite the blend of both)

· Try adding more greens to one or all your meals consistently

· Make better choices when going out to eat

     o Don’t have an appetizer

     o Either choose to have an adult beverage or choose dessert

· Try to carry healthy snacks with you to prevent getting so hungry you want to eat the kitchen sink

· Seek help if you need it. Financially the help does cost- but the amount of money you could save from eating out or drinking alcohol would pay for your nutrition coach.

· Most of all get started, even if they are small steps at some point they will just be a part of your routine like brushing your teeth.

Don’t discredit the small things you do to make progress because just like saving money in a piggy bank, the more consistent you are with it the more reward you will see in the end.

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