Simplicity is Key

Most people think it is too hard and they give up easily. I am here to say that we can make it easy with a few tips and tricks:
Sara Carter
November 4, 2022
Simplicity is Key

No matter where you are or what you are doing, supporting your nutrition can be achieved. Don’t assume that because you aren’t in a controlled environment your nutrition is going suffer. The reality is that life changes along with our schedules and environment- so why not work on your nutrition REGARDLESS of these circumstances? The answer, most people think it is too hard and they give up easily.

I am here to say that we can make it easy with a few tips and tricks:

1. Make sure you are mentally prepared to start your journey of making life long changes in your nutrition. If you aren’t willing to commit, you aren’t ready to do this- so be 100% on board with your health.

2. Stay consistent and don’t give up because you are dining out at a place where there is “nothing” healthy on the menu. The best option is to preview menus and plan your meals ahead, so you don’t get too far off track.

3. Be Accountable- Whether you choose to work with a nutrition coach or someone who is on the same journey, be there for one another and hold each other and yourself accountable.

4. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Focus on the plate method and whole real foods no matter where you are! You want to look for foods closer to its original form over anything that is boxed, bagged, clipped, zipped, or modified

Below is a list of foods I would recommend looking for no matter where you are as well as a list of snacks I suggest you have handy incase you get in a bind and need something to tide you over until being able to eat a meal of whole foods. (Sauces on the Side or not at all and NOTHING FRIED!!)


The things that get in the way of making progress and staying accountable are VAST and never-ending, they don’t stop after the holidays and they get worse as our schedules become more intense. We can make a million excuses and tell ourselves that we will pick back up, start next week, begin after the holidays, or when things settle down, but the truth is you aren’t ready. When you stop thinking about all the reasons why you can’t do something like eating better 100% of the time, you can focus on all the reasons you need to make a change and how you CAN make it happen.

When you are ready, we are here for you!

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