Reward Yourself

Almost everything we do is a learned habit including those pesky bad habits. Here are some ways to develop new fitness or nutrition habits.
Sara Carter
November 4, 2022
Reward Yourself

In case you didn’t know- we are creatures of habit. Almost everything we do is a learned habit including those pesky bad habits. From getting up and starting all the things that are part of your morning routine, to working out, getting ready for bed, and everything in between- they are all developed habits.

Notice how I said, developed habits?

That means that you learned those habits from somewhere and then continually did them until they became as natural to you as breathing. YES!! Working out is something we are designed to do so it does become so much of a habit that you almost feel it’s as necessary as breathing (or more likely-brushing your teeth). The point of talking about habits is that you can not only develop new ones, but you can get rid of bad ones.

Today we will discuss some ways to develop new fitness or nutrition habits….

1. Set Goals: When you set short term goals you are more likely to remember why you are starting your journey and stay on track to meeting them. However, if you set ambitious goals that aren’t realistic you may end up giving up on yourself.

2. Find something FUN!! Doing a workout regime that isn’t fun won’t stick around for long. Think about it, when most kids are playing, they are being active and are HAPPY!! So, find something you enjoy even if its exercising with a game system.

3. Buddy-up: Grab a friend or a buddy to join you! Just make sure your buddy doesn’t sway you to do things other than meet your goal. Don’t cave in when they say “Hey, let’s skip today and_______.”

4. Get Competitive. According to Time magazine, research shows that if you participate in a little healthy competition- whether you win or not, you are more likely to want more.

5. Invest in your journey. People who spend money towards meeting their goals (developing new habits) are far more likely to stick with it. Does that mean getting a personal trainer or nutrition coach? MAYBE- but that isn’t true for all people. Set up a bet with someone, set aside money when you accomplish a goal or if you would rather you could set it aside for missing the gym.

6. Log or Track: Keeping yourself accountable and motivated by logging your weight, food and your workouts. This is providing you with a way to see your progress and feel success that comes with the hard work you have put in.

7. MOST IMPORTANTLY- REWARD YOURSELF. Motivation is internal and external which means that you need to reward yourself for all your hard work. Here are some suggestions:

     a. Massage after four weeks of staying on track

     b. Going out to eat for 6 days of logging and eating healthy

     c. Buying new gear for starting

     d. Planning a night out with friends to celebrate meeting your short-term goal.

     e. Get pampered! Allow yourself to a spa day after working hard for a few months.

     f. Plan a major trip to reward yourself for meeting your long-term goal-- don’t forget to save money along the way.

     g. Buy something big you have been eyeing for sticking with it and not regaining all you lost.

Even though we will be rewarded with results we can’t expect to stick things if we don’t keep it fun, challenging, and interesting. Start your journey to developing better habits now- THERE IS NO REASON TO WAIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS TO BE OVER!!!!!! Even shopping can turn into a workout if you challenge yourself to it.

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