Meet Our Nutrition Coaches

The nutrition coaches at Portside Fitness and Nutrition can help you achieve your health goals.
June 20, 2023
Meet Our Nutrition Coaches

Embarking on a journey towards optimal health requires more than just a desire for change. The guidance and expertise of a nutrition coach can be a game-changer. The nutrition coaches at Portside Fitness and Nutrition can help you unlock your full potential, achieve your health goals, and embrace a nourishing lifestyle.

How can a nutrition coach at Portside Fitness and Nutrition help you reach your goals?

Nutrition coaches play a vital role in helping individuals navigate the complex world of nutrition and develop a continuous approach to healthy eating. Through their expertise, personalized guidance, and ongoing support, they empower clients to make informed choices, build sustainable habits, and achieve optimal health. Investing in a nutrition coach is a wise decision that can bring about lasting positive changes and transform your relationship with food. 

Meet Our Nutrition Coaches

Coach Melinda North

Nutrition is important to me because of the impact it has made on me personally. Growing up I was always tired, I felt like I couldn’t keep up with other kids, and I was suffering from anxiety as well as some depression. I thought that was just how people felt and that the ones I couldn’t keep up with were just better than me or they had some secret I wasn’t aware of.

Well— they did, it was called a balanced diet. When I started working on my diet in my twenties I started having more energy . I actually wanted to get off the couch and do more. GASP— I was even trying to get into a regular workout routine. As I continued to dial in my own nutrition and gained more consistency with exercise here is what happened for me:

- I had less anxiety.

- I slept better.

- I had improved mental focus and clarity.

- Decision making became easier.

- I valued and respected myself more.

- I gained a ton of confidence.

- I was SHOCKED that I had more energy than I ever had and I was older. Now I am 38, and I feel even more energetic than even at 25! 

There are so many other benefits and life improvements since working on my nutrition, but the biggest is that it led me to help others. The impact I know that nutrition will have on others is priceless. I want to empower people to take back their lives.

The one piece of advice I would give to anyone is to START, take small steps, and NEVER stop.

Coach Rae Lee 

Nutrition is important to me because I think eating nutritious foods can impact a person’s life dramatically. It can help them feel, look and perform better. I also have an interest in health and fitness and the two go hand in hand. I got into nutrition coaching because I want to make an impact on how eating real, whole nutritious foods can alter a person’s life. I also love preparing food and learning about the science of nutrition. Working with a nutrition coach is my number one recommendation. Seriously, it’s so worth it to make the investment in yourself. You will learn how to put habits into practice as well as other information about nutrition that you can use the rest of your life.

Coach Tanya Malley


Nutrition is important to me because of not only how we may look on the outside but because of how it can affect the inside of us in such a positive way. It can help lower blood pressure or help the issues of diabetes and so much more. I got into nutrition coaching because I have compassion for others and enjoy taking the time to get to know someone and go on the journey with them as they reach their goals. God has given us one life and one body on Earth, so we need to make sure we get enough sleep, exercise, find ways to eliminate stress, and have people in our corner who support us. If I can give one reason to get started, it would be “YOU”. You deserve to give yourself and others the best YOU.

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