It took 4 months

Portside Fitness
October 3, 2022
It took 4 months

Today, as Coach Rae, Coach Melinda and I worked out, I got to talking about nutrition and the amount of time it has taken me to truly get a handle on what I was doing. I asked Rae, "How long have I been working with you?" She said, 4 months! You see, I had a lot of habits that I formed that were hindering me from making REAL progress. I would sit across from Rae during our meetings and say, I just need to log my food and I know it will make a difference. Was that realistic for me to do? Apparently not! So, she gave me some action steps that really hit home. 1. Eat every meal at the table. I realized, I would come home and just eat mindlessly in front of the TV, bent over on a coffee table. I swallowed my food so fast and never enjoyed it. Now I eat every meal at the table. 2. Limit Starbucks- I had no idea how much this affected me. I now have one day that I get it instead of 3 to 4 times a week! With just these two action steps, I am now more focused on whole foods, slowing down and enjoying my food. It took us 4 months to get to that point!!! Sometimes sitting in front of someone and really being honest about what you are doing is the hardest thing to do. I wasn't honest with myself, which made any action step she gave me, somewhat unrealistic. Now, She and I are in a good place when it comes to being coached. I have noticed that I am happier and I am enjoying my workouts more. Oh, and we also realized today that I was working out during a time that I would normally go get coffee. BIG WIN! Moral of the story is: Give yourself some time. Just because you feel like something isn't working, doesn't mean you aren't learning and will eventually have the breakthrough. #mindset If you have not read the mindset blog, you can do so here. To find out what a year would look like, go to our GET STARTED PAGE!

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