Cheesy but the Worth the Read

Portside Fitness
October 3, 2022
Cheesy but the Worth the Read

I have to admit that I am kind of a reality tv junky! For years I watched the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars religiously. So much that I even taught myself a dance from the show when I was at Ole Miss. Hey, my mom was a modern dance major at the University of Utah so I get it honestly. I stopped watching the show for years and then, I guess it was on one night and then I was hooked all over again. I am not sure if it is Amanda Sharrow’s fault or not but we seem to chat about it often. Why am I bringing this up? I think I found myself into this Bachelor, not because it is Pilot Pete, but because Madison Prewett’s dad is an assistant coach for the Auburn Tigers basketball team. Well, last night was the hometown dates and what jumped out at me most was something the Prewett’s did at the dinner table. They have a “special plate” they eat dinner on and whoever has that plate for the night, everyone at the table has to say something positive about that person. WHOA! Not only do they sit at the table as a family but they bring a level of positivity and compassion towards one another. Yes, it is a tv show so could this have been staged? Sure it may have but I was so impressed. I also felt that it happened anytime they sat at the table together to break bread. It got me thinking about the importance of that moment and how for that night Madison felt so loved and important by her family and maybe even peers. I can guarantee that the Auburn men's basketball team has done this exact same thing. Well guess what, they have been to 2 Final 4’s lately so they are doing something right. So last week when Melinda did High Five Friday in the Portside Members group, it made me think that Portside has a gym full of wonderful, thoughtful, and caring people! Members who not only want to better themselves but members who care about the well being of others. I am proud to be the Head of Portside and even more grateful for all of you!

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