Sara Carter

Sara Carter

Founder, Coach, Personal Trainer, Mindset and Nutrition Coach


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

HSN Certified Nutrition Coach

About Coach

Sara is a former collegiate women's basketball coach who fell in love with health in wellness while in Ruston, LA. She decided to shift gears and move home and open what is now Portside Fitness. It started with just the fitness component and people coming to get a good sweat. Later she added nutrition because she wanted people to get the most out of their journey. She has personally seen what fitness, nutrition, and accountability do for people. Once covid hit, she struggled with anxiety and panic attacks like many people during that time. This was an eye-opener to what she believes is a true transformation inside and out. She realized that people stay on the roller coaster ride because they have never touched the mental side and have the tools to help shape their mindset. Sara embarked on a journey of her own where she hired coaches and mentors to not only help her but to shape what is her dream of getting people from where they are now to where they truly see themselves without limiting calories or overexercising. This is when she created the Level Up Mentorship which is truly changing people's lives for the better. Her vision is to help thousands of people lose weight, gain confidence, and live their best life!

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

My passion is working with people with life-changing goals, holding them accountable and supporting and encouraging them in the tough times, and then celebrating with them and their families when they succeed.

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