Rae Lee

Rae Lee


Deadlift 225 lbs

14:29 2 Mile,

Festivus Games April 2022 #23 National Women's Novice Team

Iron Soldier and Beach Brawl Competitor


CrossFit Level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism

About Coach

R. Lee participated in high school soccer, cross country, track and swimming and went on to play in recreational softball, volleyball, and hockey post-graduation. After graduating with a degree in Journalism, she worked as a wedding and event planner before enlisting in the Army. After four years in the Army, her love of athletic accomplishment and community led her to discover CrossFit and immediately know she wanted to coach and train others in the sport.

Turning Point

After getting out of the Army, I was at a loss for what to do with my life (career and personal). I had thought the Army would be my career but after frustrations, with injuries and my spouse's desire to get out and start a business, it led me to the Gulf Coast. After walking into a CrossFit gym, I knew immediately that I wanted to coach. I've always had a passion for nutrition and fitness in some way and the pieces were finally starting to make sense!

Motivation & Passion

I'm constantly motivated to be the best version of myself. This may look different at various points in my life but most of the time I want to see how strong and fit I can become. I'm passionate about working with current and former military, athletes, and pregnant and postpartum women, and starting to dive into kids' fitness since I have kids of my own and can understand the importance of health and fitness for all ages.

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