When a Meal Plan WON'T Work

You stick to the meal plan and feel proud of yourself and you are working hard- then one of these things happen...
Sara Carter
November 4, 2022
When a Meal Plan WON'T Work

You have made the decision to make a change over and over again, you have tried fad diets, pills, and supplements, but you still end up in the same place you started or worse.

One reason is because there are no quick fixes- you do something short term and lose all this weight, then go back to life and gain it all back and then some.

This time is different, you are going to book with a nutrition coach and get your meal plan to make a complete overhaul of your eating habits.

You stick to the meal plan and feel proud of yourself and you are working hard- then one of these things happen:

  1. You feel guilty for wanting/having something off your meal plan
  2.  You are tired and don’t want to meal prep or cook
  3. You start eating out again
  4. You reward yourself for the progress you made- then lose touch with the concept of moderation.
  5. It’s a holiday
  6. It’s your birthday

The list goes on, but you get the point. Just like all of the other methods of weight-loss, a meal plan is not meant to be a long-term solution.

The meal plan is supposed to be a tool to help you learn how to eat better and be more mindful of your choices. You know you need to make better choices, but you don’t want to exude patience- you want it now.

If you aren’t ready to really THINK about everything you put in your body and be willing to give up the things that provide a sense of euphoria then you are NOT ready to make a change.

So, when WILL the meal plan work?

  1. When you don’t follow it with 100% compliance
  2. You have patience
  3. You reward yourself and STOP
  4. When you think about your food choices in EVERY situation
  5. When you STOP seeking enjoyment from food and drinks
  6. You limit your alcohol
  7. You are mindful of how much sugar you are eating
  8. Food choices are better
  9. Balance your plate

So next you think you are ready- ask yourself if YOU ARE REALLY READY.

People don’t make changes until they are ready- so there’s no need to go waste a ton of money on programs and products that won’t work until you know you are ready to make a change. 

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