The Truth about your Nutrition Coach

True, I am the nutrition coach for Crossfit Portside. False, I am 100% compliant with the meal plan.
Sara Carter
November 4, 2022
The Truth about your Nutrition Coach

Portside Nutrition Coaches

True, I am the nutrition coach for Crossfit Portside.

False, I am 100% compliant with the meal plan.

Most people are surprised when I have something deemed “unhealthy,” they say things like “is that on your meal plan,” or “wait, are you allowed to eat that?”

I can’t help but laugh because there is not someone who slaps my wrist or gives me a fine if I eat off the meal plan. I also get a kick out if it because I don’t typically preach 100% compliance.

I do however, advocate for the 80/20 rule as long as they have a clear understanding of what 80/20 really looks like!! (<—-80/20 can go astray real FAST!)

Everyone has their “thing”, everyone has their struggles.

Here are a few of mine:

1. I get tired and I don’t want to meal prep

2. I get tired and I don’t want to workout

3. I get in a rut at least once per year

4. I LOVE sweets and grew up having something sweet after meals

5. I like the convenience of going out to eat

6. I REALLY enjoy wine- red in the winter and white in the summer

7. I get cravings every month just like the rest of the ladies

8. I LOVE snacks at the movie

9. I LOVE Tony’s pizza (I’d love for them to be a healthy restaurant partner)

10. I have bad influencers in my life

As you can see, my list is just as long as everyone else, I go through many of the same struggles as everyone else- BUT I made a choice and I stick to it!

Here are the choices I made:

1. To keep my dental bill down- so I limit the sugar as much as possible

2. Have good quality of life for the REST of my life- so I keep people who threaten that at bay or I stay strong despite their attempts.

3. To be ready and prepared so even though I am tired I MAKE SURE I HAVE HEALTHY FOOD.

4. To workout a minimum of 4 days a week and I stick to it even though I may not want to, and I am always happy I did (except that one time- Chad, Sara, Allison, and Melanie can attest to that)

5. To stick to the 80/20 rule- and I do 90% of the time. Regardless of going to the movie, have a sweet after a meal, or going out to eat. I TRY my hardest to make sure its within the 80/20 rule. Nobody is perfect.

6. Most importantly I made a choice to put my health and nutrition at the top of my priority list with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Nobody is perfect, but you should strive the be the best version of yourself you can without letting bad influencers get in the way- whether that be people or jobs. Get rid of the negative thoughts, feelings, people, things- ALL OF IT.

In order to do that, you first have to find the reason that helps you to make the choice. Is it for your kids, because a family member suffered, self-esteem? Find your WHY and you will find your motivation.

So next time you see me with something off the meal plan- think about this blog.

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