Portside Fitness
October 3, 2022

Shannon's Success Story.​.​Shannon is a HARD worker! She started the gym just like most of us, worried about being able to keep up. BUT LOOK AT HER NOW! She has made healthier habits, feels better, and have dropped a ton of fat. Don't take it from us, hear what she has to say:​.​Q. Why did you decide to do the 90 day transformation challenge?A. Because I really had to start somewhere and that was number one to start so I could do it right.​.​Q. Whats the most important thing you learned?A.That anyone can do Crossfit.​.​Q. Were there any specific realizations you had?A.Anyone can do it. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Cause I did, thinking I could not do it but I am here to tell you if I can do it anyone can do it.​. Q. What what the biggest long term change you made?A.Coke - drinking sodas is really hard after drinking them for over twenty two years, but I have stopped all sodas and only drink water now.​.​Q. How did you achieve your goal?A.I achieve my goal by going to the gym two or three times a week, quit drinking sodas and only drinking water.

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