"Quitters Day"-January 19th

Portside Fitness
October 3, 2022
"Quitters Day"-January 19th

We know that staying motivated is one of the biggest problems in the health and fitness world. The data from google and Strava show that most people are going to give up on their goals by Sunday, January 19th. I get to talk to our members, people interested in Portside, and other gym owners and a big factor for most people comes to motivation during the Holiday season. We are 9 days away from what google deems as "Quitters Day" for 2020! Year after year you see people post about their New Years resolutions but do they follow through past a certain date? I am here to tell you that it is ok that life got in the way for a month or so. I don't want you to beat yourself up but I do want you to take a moment and write down something you are proud of. This will be your "win" and what you can build upon. If you quit something by January 19th of 2020, you are not going to go back to it. So, how can you get on track and make sure you follow through with the goal you set for yourself on Jan. 1st or prior. 1. Join a group that is like minded. Doesn't have to be us but join something that can keep you accountable. This leads to people being 3x more active than those who try to do it on their own. 2. Set a realistic goal for yourself. Write it down and put it everywhere you can see it. 3. Grab a friend and do something together. We just had an athlete check in with a member who is signing up for the Crescent City Classic (10k run). Coach Melinda said she was in. (Holding her accountable) 4. Train in the morning - people who are most regularly active, are likely to exercise in the morning. I can hear Jocko Willnik now, "Having the discipline to wake up early isn’t something that you’re “born with, You just decide that’s what you’re going to do. … You choose to live your life that way.” Make sure you take action if it is what you want. You know when and if you are ready for something to happen. We are here to help in anyway. The best part about the Mississippi Gulf Coast right now is that we are progressing into a much healthier place. We have many options for you to choose from to get healthy and stay healthy. Find your place and your people. Want to talk to one of us about helping you get started.

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