It’s All in Your Head

You convince yourself that you deserve a small reward for all your hard work, but that small reward turns into a big one.
Sara Carter
November 4, 2022
It’s All in Your Head

When we embark on a journey, we are typically motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal, and in most cases, there are quick results. So, you convince yourself that you deserve a small reward for all your hard work, but that small reward turns into a big one, then the big one turns into an even bigger one- before you know it you are snowballing. How are you supposed to get out of this head spinning scenario?

You take your mind back! You probably have said to yourself that you ruined your day, so you will start over tomorrow, or you have ruined a few days, so you will start back next week…etc. STOP TRYING TO LIE TO YOURSELF!! If you want to get back on track- do it immediately. Quit doing whatever you are doing to ruin your progress and get back on TRACK. Then allow yourself to be proud that you stopped and made the decision to reach your goals.

After that brag about yourself each time you make success- DO NOT say “Well I only_____.” Are you kidding me? Whether or not you hit a major milestone or got a little be closer to your goal, you still made progress so BE PROUD!! Quit telling yourself you didn’t do good enough and say, “I am proud of my hard work and next week I am going to be even better!” Even if that hard work is making a small change- it’s not easy. If it were easy EVERYONE would be exactly where they want to be in health, fitness, career, relationships, and just life in general.

Finally, change how you think about food. If you are sticking to the 80/20 rule, BE SURE you are doing 80/20. An alcoholic beverage every night is NOT 80/20, candy every day is NOT 80/20, but if you need to see it visually -check out this post:

Remember food is not supposed to be fun or tied to emotions, it is fuel for you body so use it that way. Don’t think you are depriving yourself or you have no enjoyment because you can’t eat junk or drink daily—FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE TO DO and be happy you can do it because you are healthy!

As always if you need help, just book an intro session or nutrition consult with us!

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