You must first have a GOAL and some FAILURES to SUCCEED! 
Sara Carter
November 3, 2022

You must first have a GOAL and some FAILURES to SUCCEED! 

There is this stigma out there about failure and not failing.   How are you ever going to get to a 300# deadlift if you never try or never FAIL to get it?   This is why I love sports and coaching.  If you lose a game, you go back to the game film, see what you or your team did wrong and you work on an action plan in practice. 

Relating this to everyday life:

Do you know what you want to achieve by the end of the day?  Have you thought about where you want to be in 5 years?   How your fitness looks in 6 months?

If you want to succeed, you have to first set some goals.  This will give you some direction and focus each day, week and month.  Goal setting is a process that takes a lot of consideration and then lots and lots of hard work to get to the "End Game".    Are you up for the challenge?

5 tips to set yourself up for Success

1.  Set Goals that Motivate you

What's the point of having a goal if it is something that doesn't motivate you.  Make sure the goal is important to you and adds value to your life.   Write down "why" it is important to you and that will help motivate you even more.   Motivation is key to achieving your goals.

2.  Set SMART goals
3.  Set Goals in writing

The physical act of writing it down makes it real.   You can actually see the goal you want to accomplish.   Put it in a place that you will see daily.   Write, what I "will" do in place of "might".

4.  Make an Action Plan

We get so focused on the outcome that we forget to make the plan to get there.   Write out the individual steps you are going to take action.

5.  Stick with It

Make time slots during the day to work on your goal.  This is a constant process and something you will continue to work on.  Set reminders to keep you on track.

Now, that you have your goal for yourself and all of life figured out, lets think about your fitness goal.     Write it on the board in the gym so you can be held accountable.   Tell as many people as you can about it.   Work to make it happen!   

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.  -Michal Jordan

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