What Nutrition Coaching is NOT...

When starting with nutrition coaching, most people realize what the program is about when they begin, but for those of you who have not looked into it, we take pride that our program works towards making your eating habits simple and sustainable. Here is what our nutrition coaching is NOT:

  • A quick fix

  • A meal plan for life

  • Do it for you program

  • Short term

  • Restrictive

  • Fad Diet


  • Accountability

  • Tools and tips (including a meal plan and macros- when ready)

  • Goal setting

  • InBody scans

  • Education 

  • Long term habits based around whole foods

  • Learning how to integrate better habits into your life

  • Allowing yourself to have treats in moderation

  • Discovering how to prevent yourself from back tracking

  • A way to reach your goals safely

  • Being able to Maintain your goal while allowing for some freedom

  • Navigating compliance in stressful situations/times

  • Learning how to stay on track even when others around you aren’t

The program we run is backed by a Registered Dietician who values autonomy and safety when learning a long-term solution to better eating habits. Which is exactly why we don’t focus on complicated diets or navigate restrictive fads designed to fulfill a quick fix urge. Remember, you didn’t gain your weight overnight and it won't come off overnight.



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