The Day I Took my Life Back!

I am a business owner.

I care for others.

I am concerned about how others are making progress.

I forgot about myself.

September 10th, 2019 was the day I decided to take my health back! It is hard to describe the feeling that I have because for the first time, I was unhappy with me. I remember when I hit 140 and was like, I have to do something. I tipped the scale at 151 September 10th and I didn't like who I had become. It wasn't a physical thing per se but the way I felt on the inside was not a good feeling.

I found myself stressed, concerned about things that didn't matter, and negative self talk which made everything worse. I had an I don't care attitude towards myself and that is very out of character for me. So, what was I going to do about it? I was miserable with myself and how can I help others when I feel crappy about where I am.

How did I get to 151? My mindset was in a place of "I don't care." I either under ate, didn't drink enough water, or over ate all the wrong things. I would eat dinner and would binge eat on whatever I had to snack on. When I went out to eat, I made terrible choices. I didn't care but complained about gaining weight.

So, I decided it was time to make a change and what better way to do it than to work with my sister in law with our very own 28 Day Nutrition Challenge! I know what to do. Don't you? It wasn't that, I needed help being consistent. I messed with one of our members and said, watch out because WE are going to win this thing. We didn't win but I feel like we WON on so many levels.

I didn't starve myself or do anything crazy. I simply followed the guidelines and logged my food for two weeks to see what I needed to eat and how much. I don't want to have to log my food for the rest of my life but it gave me a better guideline for what I needed to be eating and how much. After the two weeks, I felt confident in knowing how much and when to eat. All of the sudden, my attitude changed, my eating habits changed, and my body started to change!

I feel like I am back to myself again. Am I 135 again-NOPE! I am 147 but dropped 8.1 pounds of fat. I am grateful for the encouragement and I look forward to continuing on my journey.



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