Nobody Supports Me!!

Do you ever feel like you want to make a change, but those closest to you give you a hard time? You know you talk about wanting to workout and they say things like: “you’re already skinny, you don’t want to look too muscular, you can’t do that, maybe you should try something else, why do you want to do that?, That’s too hard, Wouldn’t you rather be going out with me?,” and so much more! Don’t even think about trying to change up your eating habits!! The list of comments is endless, and they can be brutal. No matter what you choose to do to improve your nutrition people will have something negative to say and most will tell you what you are doing is wrong.

It doesn’t matter what path you choose or what journey you are going to embark on- haters exist. How you deal with them and how you persevere is what will make or break your success. If you know someone is going to belittle your efforts- you don’t have to tell them what you are doing. You can do this without adding the extra flak from others, by keeping it to yourself and sharing with someone who does. You will need that accountability buddy to keep you going when times get tough so find that one person willing to listen to your ups and downs and remind you that you can do it!

I’ve learned over the years that people who criticize others or give them a hard time are only doing it out of insecurity. They don’t feel good about themselves or what they are doing- so they bring you down to make themselves feel better. As hard as it is to take harsh words from other people just remember they may need you to reach out and offer support or guidance. I’ll say it again…they are not saying things to hurt you- they are saying things to feel better. Something you can try is it to challenge those close to you to join you, before they have time to be critical. Ask them to start with you, ask them to start a walking challenge with you, ask them to help you find some healthy options to cook- those who join you will support you.

What do you do if it’s your own family? Express to your significant other what your plan is and ask for their support- that doesn’t mean they have to do it with you. You can cook pulled pork sandwiches for the family, keep your plate balanced, and allow them to have what they desire without having to completely cook two separate meals. If you truly want to make healthier changes in your life your family will support you if you ask them to. That doesn’t mean that your new workout routine won’t frustrate them, or the time you must spend in the kitchen won’t make them miss you. Things will get easier if you keep at it. Try to include your family with meal planning, grocery shopping (a scavenger hunt is a great way to keep them occupied), and with cooking so they aren’t missing out on time with you. Another thing you can try is to do some workouts at home with your family- there are things you can do to make it work!

You can do this! You can lead by example and eventually get your loved ones to join. You can do this! You can make it long term and stay out of the cyclic black hole of making progress and then losing it. You can do this! Start small and have faith in YOU!!



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