4 Reasons you should Stay OFF the Scale!

In many cases, women and men seek healthy changes in their daily routine for a variety of reasons, but most people start for aesthetic reasons. They want to look better or fit into _____________(<--fill in the blank). One thing they have in common is the scale. They are worried about their weight like many of us and they want to shred some lbs. The bright side is that number on the scale gave them motivation to start working towards a healthier lifestyle- so that is GREAT! However, there are a few negative side effects to the scale:

  1. Weight isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing

  2. Most people don’t have a clue about what weight they really should be- it's a shot in the dark

  3. Losing weight does NOT mean you are losing fat

  4. Muscle gain can disguise progress- which will lead to frustration and possible giving up.

At Crossfit Portside, we made a huge investment to purchase an InBody machine so our clients and members can see exactly where they are losing or gaining weight. We love being able to show them that there is more to it than just a simple number on a scale.

Having a more in-depth tracking method, such as the InBody allows our clients to reflect on their actions and whether or not their actions have fostered the kind of progress they are looking to attain. This scan has also shocked many clients, in a good way, allowing them to feel a sense of pride for their accomplishments. So our advice to you, is to skip the scale and get a scan!



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