Our barbell classes are all about community!

Our group classes are comprised of a community that will keep you accountable and motivated!

Group Barbell

Our CrossFit program is designed for everyone.

Similar routines are used for the elderly, fire fighters, police, high school athletes, mom's and dad's, those with obesity and those looking for something different. All workouts can be modified to fit your individual needs.

We believe in helping individuals meet their goals.  Group classes are fun, coach led, and full of energy.  There are no shortcuts to success, you will learn about longevity of movement.  

What makes PortSide a more than ideal environment is our Community.

We have flexible membership options based on how often you want to come to the gym and no contracts!

Schedule your Free Intro Session!

Sign up for you Free intro session today!  To schedule, fill out the information below.  This will take you to a scheduling page so that you can schedule at your convenience.  We will talk about your fitness and nutrition goals and then help you pick the right program for you.  Part of what makes Portside Fitness different from other gyms is the way we onboard new members through the safest and most effective fundamentals program ANYWHERE!


Monthly Membership

  • Access to ALL Group Classes

  • Flexible Classes

  • Total Body Transformation

  • Athlete Check In (every 3 months)

  • Inbody Scan

  • No Commitments

12x/ Month

Monthly Membership

  • Access to 12 Group Classes/ Month

  • Perfect for Beginners and New to Barbell

  • Athlete Check In (every 3 months)

  • No Commitments

Portside Fitness thrives on making fitness and nutrition an attainable lifestyle so that you can be the best version of you!  We do this through our amazing community that encourages you to show up and have fun!


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34 29th St.   Unit G &H

Gulfport, MS 39507

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